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wipers. certainly the lowest setting. we're seeing it up toward frederick and down toward culpeper and out toward straussburg as well with temperatures own the upper 30s this morning to low 40s. 38 in leesburg. it's damp so it's going to cut through you. plus with the winds we have windchills. thankfully the winds aren't that bad right now but we still have windchills in the mid-30s. it is going to be a cool day with a high in the mid-50s here. maybe only the upper 40s in parts of the upper shenandoah valley and western maryland. let's check in with monika samtani, timesaver traffic. you teased us that things are improving on the beltway. >> it feels funny to say that i'm happy to say traffic volumes are going to be normal today. yes, we do have an accident. it's been there since 1:30 this morning on the inner loop in prince george's county. it is improving and that's because now the three left lanes get by. on the southbound side of the beltway right here in prince george's county heading for route 450. once you're at 50, you're absolutely fine heading down toward the wilson bridg
including d.c., alexandria and fairfax, prince george's, charles, frederick and montgomery county schools there. we see bruce johnson getting ready to talk to us from rehoboth. you can see the whole list of school closings at >> as you might imagine, all the flights at the local airports have been canceled until further notice, as has the vre, mark rail, amtrak train -- marc rail, amtrak trains and that's for tomorrow. we also know metro will not have service in the morning. they will reassess and decide later on when the subway and buses will start to run again, but as of now you should be at home. >> that's right. they're not going to make that decision to get them running again until they see what the weather brings. they are at the mercy of mother nature as they said. >> we all are, quite frankly, looking at some of the strongest winds beginning to move into the metro area. let's start with the wind gusts. so far we've had wind gusts 55 at national, down last hour to 51. don't let that fool you. winds will go up before they go down. wind gusts ocean city 47, boston 49,
to have moderate to major flooding up in the fred -- frederick area. that's due to the heavy, heavy rain. from 7.5 inches in prince frederick, winchester over 4 inches. bowie 5.2. we had about 5.5 at reagan national. that was a record for the day. we've been running a deficit of 8 plus inches recently. that deficit is now down to 2.5. one thing tropical systems do is relieve drought conditions but do it too quickly. big circulation. the actual center circulation is up here according to the hurricane center. they're still classifying this with 65 mile an hour winds right around the center. end -- i think that's kind of generous. we have the snow in the mountains especially above 3,000 feet. we could have more than 20 inches of snow. our rain is really coming down here this morning. you can see lots of areas in dark green. not as intense as it was an hour ago. some of the highest elevations, skyline drive, we've been seeing snow up there as well. locally, lighter rain into howard county and especially by the bay now. the heavier showers western prince george through dc, fairfax, easton, ma
advisory for points westward of frederick. so you are going to be dealing with some foggy conditions and dense fog and pappy fog across the area. so take it easy as you head out and about. right now, charley was talking about the chilly temperatures. look at 48 degrees in jessup owings mills. we should be at 5 # for this time of the year. temperatures are on the -- 5 # for this time of the year. temperatures are on the -- 53 for this time of the year. temperatures are on the cool side. we will see some change in the forecast. i will talk about that coming up but let's go through your day hour by hour. waking up to patchy fog and it's going to be cool by about 9:00 and by lunchtime 67 with a sun-cloud mix now the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: slow down and be extra careful because visibility is reduced this morning. if you are using the jfx to get into the city, there are no problems traveling from 695 all the way downtown to east fayette street. that will take you the typical 11 minutes. everything is up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel and the harbor
. right now montgomery county getting light rain, as is frederick and howard and points west. passing moderate showers there as well. there's some gorgeous color now out in the mountains. it's really looking quite like autumn there. near 70 around the bay now. closer to washington, low to mid-60s. prince george's, montgomery, arlington, fairfax counties. as the day progresses, you'll need an umbrella. we'll have occasional showers this morning, by 6:00 a.m., still right around 60. by noontime, mid-70s with occasional showers. not constant rain, but passing showers. maybe thunder and lightning when you're heading back home by work and school later this afternoon and into the early evening hours. that shower activity will be tapering off. i'm back with another look at storm team 4 radar. now a look at storm team 4 radar. good morning. >>> a quick hello to everyone working out in the gym. i'm giving tweets from a. herbert ash. if you're in the gym, i admire your hustle. let's head over to the roads. i could not work out this early. as you make your way eastbound, the dulles toll road, th
95 between falmouth and frederick. stay to the left. back to you. >> thank you. pipa good morning, angela. -- good morning. >> the pressure on president obama to have a better performance against mitt romney tonight. >> it's a town hall format in new york tonight with questions from the audience. >> tonight's debate will be a town hall, which means audience members will ask questions of preselected by the moderator. the format present inherent challenges for romney and obama. >> both have to spread lightly, because if they are going on the offense too a chris liu of a with each other, -- -- if they are going too much on the offense, that can spell over and to the audience. mitt romney's debate prep partner is optimistic about his candidate's chances. clerk how did it go? >> great. >> past town hall debates have provided memorable moments. >> it's a different experience when you have citizens asking questions rather than professional journalists. >> senator john mccain wandered aimlessly around the stage in 2008. and in 2000, al gore walked right up to president bush in an awkward
's take a look at temperatures. 56 at reagan national, 52 at dulles, 41 in frederick. your express forecast, mostly sunny and 56 at 9:00. partly cloudy and 66 by noon. 5:00, partly sunny with a few thunderstorms developing by the drive home. let's check on traffic with steve. >> good morning. an accident overnight was in alexandria at the bottom of the screen and huntington avenue, south of the beltway. the road is open, but there's still some activity heading down from old town alexandria. you will see the activity, but it looks like you can get by in both directions. the beltway near university boulevard in silver spring, looks pretty good. some overnight roadwork, but if you stay to the right, no delays whatsoever. no problems on 95 northbound or southbound. there is overnight work in the clearing stages on both sides especially on the virginia side. no significant delays or other problems around the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. pedestrians struck by a vehicle in fairfax county. >> this happened before 2:00 this morning at richmond highway and huntington avenue. the victi
and could be a safety hazard by causing people to trip. >>> this morning a man robbed a frederick county bank saying he had a bomb. a man wearing a ravens shirt walked into the frederick county bank in walkersville yesterday afternoon. he gave the teller a note saying he had a bomb and demanding money. he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. police searched the area, but the bomb was never found. the man was seen driving a green/blue toyota with license plate 1ah-2856. >>> a teenager is behind bars after a violent robbery in riverdale. surveillance cameras rolled as a group approached a man leaving a restaurant on friday. they asked him for a cigarette, then punched him in the face. the victim fell to the ground, dropping his cell phone and wallet. he then got up and ran while the group took his belongings. this morning the search continues for two other suspects involved in that holdup. >>> president obama and mitt romney will spend today preparing for their first debate. the candidates will square off tomorrow night at the university of denver. romney arrived in denver yesterda
over frederick and walkersville as of now and mount airy, demascus as well. wet weather, we will be seeing this morning and in to the afternoon. not a washout, off and on showers throughout the day. it's going to be wet. we are close to 7-inchs for the year below. millersville temperature 64 right now. we are at 60, owings mills. checking out the winds, we can see them from the east, that's going to keep news the cloud cover as we cup through the day. the -- continue through the day. in to 3:00, 77 degrees, showers in the forecast. now a check of the time safer traffic with loren cook. good morning, patchy fog out there. >>> you will want to watch out for reduced visibility. if you are using inner state 70, the rain left that slick. no significant delays as you travel from columbia pike, all the way over to the beltway. as we check in and look outside. northwest corner of 695, park heights avenue, everything up to speed, no delays now, getting down to 95. pulling up drive timeses notice the rest of the beltway, in great shape now, no delays on the outer loop from 95, up to
to the shenandoah valley and some of the high spots in frederick county. folks up around frederick md. may see the temperature around the high 20's. down at nationals park, 49 degrees. a lot of spots are in the 40's. the plants are safe. we will be having a very cold night with some scattered frost. i will tell you more about the weekend. >> a follow-up to end the investigation. residents in silver spring alerted abc 7 that they were forced to live without heat. tonight, we went searching for results. >> with this being one of the coldest nights of the year so far, we knew this was an issue. we went back tonight and it seems like we're getting some results. every couple of weeks she delivers groceries to her 90- this time, she was also checking on her heater. >> new developments on a story we reported last night at 11. >> elderly residents were complaining it was getting too cold. legally, buildings do not have to turn the heat until october 15. she was worried because her mother had just moved here from florida and had not adjusted to the cold. >> abc 7 called the management company, but neve
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clean-up underway on the streets where debris washed up further inland. >>> firefighters in frederick, derrick? >> thanks anita. the firefighters in frederick rescued two men from a flooding river in frederick and that flood threat is not done yet. ryan dean is live from the river with the latest. what happened ryan? >> reporter: well, that's right. we've been here about two hours and a lot of folks who are just coming up and seeing this river are saying wow let's show you what it looks like currently the monocacy river here in frederick county. the level's about 21 feet right now. i've been here about two hours but sarah shookman has been here all day long and she has more on this river. >> maryland 355 over the monocacy river is always a scenic spot but superstorm sandy has turned the river near the national historic battlefield into an attraction. >> it's incredible that something like a storm like that can dump this much water off that -- that fast. is amazing. >> it's just rushing through. and coming dangerously close to the bottom of the bridge. >> reporter: the monocacy river c
in oakland, fredericks berg, winds are out of the south. along the bay a lot better than yesterday. had some gusts yesterday up to 70. this morning we're gusting about 20 to 25. >>> let's check in with man -- with monica. she has the traffic. >> the big issues are going to be several things, leaves across the roadway, debris, maybe trees down, power outages effecting your signals light. you want to give yourself that extra time you're going to need to deal with the effects of sandy. also no public transportation this morning. metro is out, including buses as well. they're going to reassess the situation on tracks and on roads before they can get their service back up. metro access is going to be closed the whole day. you can get information on that on metro alerts. if you were planning to use vre, not today. of course they're open but you want to call ahead to make sure your flight is not canceled for airports. for road information call 511. to give non-emergency information call 311. let's take a look at some of your roadways. here's a live look at the beltway north of town. let's take a l
. a woman is allegedly raped by a stranger at frederick, maryland. the victim's friends and family spot the suspect and take the law into their own hands. andrea mccarren shows us how the dramatic series of events unfolded. >> this is where the story ends. in a convenient store parking lot where bystanders flagged down frederick police on sunday night. they had just witnessed a woman jump out of a moving vehicle. >> this is a very strong, strong woman. she had will and a desire to get away. she did what she had to in this case and leaping from a moving vehicle, we believe possibly saved her life. >> according to police, a short time earlier, the woman had been raped in this parking lot. she had just gotten out of her car after a trip to the grocery store. >> the community helped police identify the suspect, montrel bowie. the victim's friends and family members got to him the next day, before police did. they spotted him around here and when he tried to flee, they chased him a block and a half away. a fight broke out. the suspect was stabbed in the back and suffered a minor injury.
.m. temperature of 70 degrees. all is quiet this morning. there's a patch of dense fog up in frederick and in culpeper and we do see some clouds well to the west in west virginia with showers in the ohio and tennessee valley. that's ahead of a storm system which will be here late this afternoon and tonight. this morning i think you'll need a jacket, especially in frederick and martinsburg and culpeper down in the lower 40s. it's 50 in fredricksburg. near 60 on the bay. 59 in annapolis. 57 down in reedville from jan over there. again going into the low 70s. let's go over to monika samtani. she's got timesaver traffic. >>> good morning. good morning, everybody. on the northbound side of i-95 you're just going to find the slow traffic as usual right now as you travel through quantico, a little in dumfries, a little in woodbridge. let's take a live look further north on to 395 where traffic actually seems to be moving pretty well until you get to duke street. that's when you're below the speed limit. that's going to continue towards seminary road before the pace improves. let's go back ove
. >> dense fog advisory in frederick county. look at temperatures at 51 degrees that dew point at 49. and very close we have a little patchy fog as well around this area. and glen elg with 46 degrees and like charley said howard county looking at patchy fog and west friendship the temperature at 45 degrees dew point at 45. so we have patchy fog to talk about there. and also, we look at maryland's most powerful radar and this is the happy factor. we are. >> -- qeash not dealing with -- we are not dealing with rain but we will see change in the forecast as we go into the evening. in terms of temperatures this morning, temperatures about 51 degrees. and that patchy fog out there those temperatures will boost up as we go throughout the day at about 11, the temperature comes in at 63. but the big story along with the chilly temperatures is dense fog advisory. and this is for frederick county points westward. allegheny county and washington county and even portions of west virginia and virginia under the dense fog advisory until 10 this morning. with that, let's head to lauren cook with a
lanes are open. quite happy about that. in maryland we still have construction out of frederick alle they have been doing work from route 80 urbana, still two lanes is blocked. volume.eeing heavy really bunched up. not seeing much at 109 as a result. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, it appears the 12-year-oldissing jersey girl has come to an end. >> a body was discovered late last recycling container preliminaryeen autumn.ed she was last seen saturday near home riding a bicycle. autopsy will be conducted this morning. president obama and mitt romney final debate last which focused on foreign policy. the men agreed on some issues on many others. later this morning both of them will hit the road to talk to beforejust two weeks election day. brianne carter is live outside the white house with more from the debate. good morning. >> good morning. as the candidate's head back on trail, the topic shift back to the economy. last night it was all about policy.- analysts say there was not a clear-cut winner, but president obama did do well and was impressive. meanwhile, governor ro
northbound, all lanes open. zonee is a work andhbound between falmouth frederick. all your travel lanes are open 270.en 95 and back to you. >> thank you. presidential, the nominee is his the road today their secondter debate in new york. >> president obama appearing in iowa and ohio. romney will be in leesburg, virginia tonight. brianne carter has a look the debate which got pretty heated times. >> exactly. this is much different than the debate, not only in the way the twoe interacted, both men the spot to be at the house for the next four years. back to the battleground states r a heated back and forth debate for president barack obama and mitt romney. have you looked at your pension? >> i don't look at my pension. not as big as yours. >> answering questions from voters which focused mostly on includingssues education, taxes, fair pay, and gas prices. two were quick to go after one another. >> governor romney said we shoul >> governor romney said we should let detroit go bankrupt. >> the president took detroit and chrysler bankrupt. >> so you actually did. >> and they talk about e u.
walkersville, frederick, i-70, damp this morning. it's wet out there, moderate to heavier rain falling down in virginia, middleburg, ashburg, hay market, i-66, this will push in to montgomery county, they are definitely in the line of fire of the showers that are going to work in through this morning, off and on showers throughout the day. temperature 63 degrees, millersville. where we are seeing the rain showers, temperatures are cooler this morning. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, patchy fog and accidents. >>> good morning, as you mentioned, patchy fog, going to be a huge issue this morning. areas affected the most will be north and west of baltimore city, on interstate 70, howard county, be careful because the roads are going to be wet. slow down, turn on the low beams to avoid the fog. if you are traveling on 695, as we check in and look on northwest corner, green spring, everything is up to speed. no problems on the inner loop up towards 83. that outer loop, drive times, taking you 11 minutes. no delays traveling from 795s towards 95. beltway
in to around thurmont, frederick county, light rain, crossing over i-70. hagerstown, walkersville, frederick and tawny town, light rain. that is going to impact your commute for this morning. we look around i-83, wet weather across this area, if you are going to travel in to pennsylvania, york county, wet weather there as well. jarrettsville, in on the wet weather through the remainder of the morning, last stop is where the bulk of the rain is, we can see it coming down in front royal. traveling in to virginia, that is where you are going to see the heaviest amount of rain and this is pushing to the north and we will get in on the action as we continue through the rest of today. this morning, temperature wise, coming in at 61 degrees, patchy fog out this morning and we have temperature in chris field 67. dew point wouldn't be surprised patchy fog. the temperatures are above average, we see as we go through the day, 74 degrees. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> good morning, a morning where you will want to use your low beams. we are dealing with fog across the region
about everywhere else, under that 50 degrees mark. and some areas already in this 30s. look at frederick maryland. 37 in winchester. 40 in the big cities, washington, baltimore towards annapolis, closer to the water. still above that 50 degrees mark. the temperatures will continue to go down tonight and this could be the coolest we've been in quite some time this early. talking about freeze warnings, most of northern virginia at fairfax and alexanderia county. many areas here could not only get below freezing, but, jim, as you mentioned, could see temperatures in the upper 20s tonight. a very cold night. i'll show you who sees the coldest weather and what to expect for the rest of the weekend. there's a big change coming maybe the other way. we'll talk about it in a minute. >> as doug mentioned, this will be the coldest night yet. in d.c., it will be the earliest we've seen in almost a decade, folks. the cold air isn't keeping people off the streets tonight. shomari. >> reporter: folks are not keeping off the sfreets, especially with this nats game. i talked to people in hotels. they say
close attention to the river up in frederick. that's where our ryan dean is live monitoring the flooding there. ryan? >> reporter: good evening to you. actually a trail that goes down to the river, this trail has been cut off because the river has spilled out of its bank. to give you an idea. those trees down there, the river is supposed to be ten feet passed that. now it has gushed over its bank and it's creeping towards the historic battlefield and mill run by the national park service has water almost touching it. this is the worst it will get, because the river will crest and start receding in about an hour. right now it's at 21 feet, 6 feet above flood stage. i'm told by locals only a few homes are along the river. we received this photo from a homeowner that lives near the park. but for the most part, the home we saw are keeping dry. that park i mentioned is underwater. >> never. we've been traveling around all day looking at the different rivers and seeing how high they are. i've never seen it this high. >> actually, two men had to be rescued from this river earlier today. we're
by appearances in cumberland the next afternoon and one in frederick that night. the debates wrap up with a second frederick appearance sunday the 28th. so these candidates will spend a lot of time talking with each other. >>> if u plan on voting in maryland, d.c. or virginia in the upcoming election and haven't registered to vote yet, you only have a few days left. in virginia you have until monday. in maryland the deadline is next tuesday and in d.c. your only option at this point is to register in person at the election boards headquarters, but you only have until friday, october 19th, to do that. if you need more specifics on voter registration, you can find it at look under our campaign 2012 tab. it's going to be an exciting night here tonight. again our coverage with the wusa9 team as well as usa today. we'll have it all for you. >> before i let you go, i know you're our health expert and i know we get a kick out of what we asked surae chinn to do today because i just know you. she went to shady grove adventist hospital in rockville to meet some of the first babi
>>> you're looking at severe thunderstorm warnings still in effect for frederick county, maryland until 11:30. a pretty good line of thunderstorms for you, especially north and west of town from hagerstown to frederick, down to portions of loudoun county. but you will notice down to the south, still a lot of activity south and west of warrenton. that's what we are concerned about later tonight and tomorrow. a good indication of hail here for you. reported up around hagerstown. heaviest rain far and away located in the red here right uparound 240. even flash flooding is possible back to middletown and south on 15. we'll come back and talk about what these storms will do for you tomorrow morning if we're going to clear it out and that you maybe need to allow a little extra time before you leave for work. >> all right, topper. >>> tragedy has struck twice for the police democratic. >> for the second time in this month an officer has died. we spoke to the cops with the very latest. >> derek and anita. an unthinkable night for prince george's county police and the family of officer kev
a target. a spokesman for frederick county public school says they are investigating. even though this latest incident was off school property. >> we take allegations very seriously. it is something that we aggressively and proactively follow up on. >> it has antibullying policies in place, but the mother says a policy is not enough to protect her son. >> they have a big right up. they need to follow up. >> met with school officials to figure out what happens from here. she is worried for her son's safety, but pointed out her son isn't the only victim of bullying. preston organized a homecoming dance because he wasn't initially allowed to go to his school's homecoming. after he got into a fight with the bully. school officials allowed him to attend, the special homecoming dance will go forward and they hope it sends a message. >> just to make a stand and make bullying stop. >> 9news. >> sharyl says she has been reaching out to district officials. she has done it multiple times about this situation, but she did not get a response until today. she met with the superintendent
, angie goff, news 4. >>> october is bullying awareness month. for one frederick county, maryland teen, he's all too aware of the problems of bullying. preston deener was set to do a camera interview about bullying, and three teens came up and attacked him. preston was suspended for fighting against a bully, but the bully was not suspended. his mother said they can't come up with a plan with brunswick county officials, but they can't stop it. >> if preston is at an active, they will support him. there will be people ins clas. all the teachers are now aware of the situation. it's more or less now they're taking precaution, and now they're actually trying to help us the best they can. >> frederick county school officials say they're working on identifying the students who bullied preston. >>> a maryland man accused of killing his wife and 11-year-old son will not face the death penalty. montgomery county prosecutors announced they will not seek the death penalty in the case against curtis lopez. lopez is accused of murdering jane and william mcquain. she was found beaten to death in her germ
on tape. now he's speaking out and calling for changes within the frederick county school system. erica gonzalez has our report. >> reporter: this 15-year-old is your typical teenager. nowadays, he doesn't really look forward to going to brunswick high school in frederick county, maryland. he says he was being bullied during gym class last week, so he fought back. he got suspended, and his attacker, he says, didn't. >> the kids need the right consequence so they know not to do it again. >> reporter: that's not where this story ends. preston was getting ready to do an interview when he was attacked in front of the reporter. here he is dodging traffic just before getting pummelled, he says. >> one of them hit me in of my head and it hurt. >> full investigation is number one. that's step number one to find out what's going on. >> reporter: mom, cheryl, says her son has been bullied since the sixth grade and engh is enough. >> they have to make sure this stops now before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. >> in light of bullying awareness month, preston says he and his friends and famil
hour wind gusts to 30 downtown, 18 in frederick, wind gusts to 20 in manassas. we'll come back and talk about diminishing winds, tell how how cold it will get and talk about a great weekend, but a big temperature change congress our way. >>> coming up our way. >>> find out who is dealing with some legal troubles folling a meningitis outbreak. >>> in tonight's health alert the meningitis outbreak still growing, 15 more people reported with infections since yesterday. that number across the country is 185 and one of the new cases is in maryland. today a minnesota woman filed a lawsuit against the new england compounding center for distributing the contaminated steroid injections. there are new calls for much tighter regulation on these compounding pharmacies. this week members of congress say they'll introduce legislation which would give the fda more authority over these pharmacies. there is some good news about the outbreak. no one else has died from the fungal meningitis that caused it and the first person went home from the hospital since all this started. >>> earlier this year washi
we begin our sandy aftermath coverage live in frederick maryland. >> frederick county has been really hard hit by sandy. one of the problems has been flooding. this is the monocacy river. parks were flooded, the historic mill got wet, and a lot of people are without power as well. we met some who say they are lucky to be alive. somehow, sandy found this tiny mountain ridge they gave no shelter. along the stretch of road, hundreds of trees are down. >> we see a lot of storms appear, but this is the worst for sure. >> tim his wife, and his children were all home on monday when the winds began to roar. >> when we heard that boom, that is nothing you want to hear. this is what we saw. it was pretty bad. >> the treat landed right on his bed just an hour or so before he and his wife planned to go to bed. down the lane, terry was hoping she and her house would survive as well. >> all we could hear was cracking and thumping and the house shaking. the tops of the trees hit. one in the front and one along the front corner. >> then came the rain. all the creeks in this valley drain into t
and fairfax. prince george's, charles, frederick and montgomery county schools. you can see the full list at >> also all flights at local airports are canceled until further notice and vre, marc rail and amtrak have canceled service for tomorrow. metro will not have service in the rning. >> in maryland the speed limit on all interstates is being lowered to 45 miles an hour as a precaution. maryland state police urge everyone to just stay off the roads if at all possible. >> now we're also hearing about evacuation orders for parts of the huntington area of fairfax county. this impacts people living along fenwick drive and arlington terrace. you may remember the huntington neighborhood has been prone to flooding before. we've got a crew heading that way. we'll bring you a live report as soon as possible. >>> let's get the latest where the storm is right now from topper. >> she's essentially sitting in southern new jersey now right between ocean city, new jersey, and also cape may. maximum established winds 90 miles per hour, gusts to 115 and we're looking at oddly enough, we
im, 9news. back to you. >> thank you, ko. >>> the monocacy river in frederick county, maryland continues to show force. sky 9 is giving us a bird's eye view of just how high that water is there. homes and trees are submerged and at the airport the power of the river flipped a plane. kristin fisher spent the morning surveying the damage. >> reporter: it's bad here but getting better. this is the monocacy river, the river that runs underneath i- 70, up through the national battlefield and up to write am now, pine cliff park. you can see this park still completely under water. this is the main roadway into the park. the water is up to the street sign. beyond that, there are three play grounds in this park, all of them partially subamericanned. farther to your right, you can see the red roof of one of seven pa ville beans in this -- pa villains in this park. all seven of them, the water is beyond the roof. there are five baseball fields completely under water. two men had to be rescued when their raft overturned upstream. they were rescued by the sheriff's department and firefighte
county, moderate showers throughout much of frederick county, eastern panhandle of west virginia, and moving into eastern washington county. this whole area of moderate to heavier rain passing just west of washington. that's going to be moving away from the metro area over the next half hour. in addition, it's a milder morning. we've got temperatures in the low to mid-60s all around most of the region. hour by hour today, by 7:00 a.m., still in the low 60s with a few of the passing lighter showers. maybe a few more showers around noontime. thunder and lightning too as well as middle of the afternoon and late afternoon. highs reaching upper 70s by midafternoon. sunrise 7:05. sunset 6:49. could get a few more showers tonight. we'll take a look at the evening planner as well as the latest hometown forecast in ten minutes. and now a look at first 4 traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. couple of problems to look out for. let's start with metro taking the red line. the track line outside willie park metro station. this is between dupont circle and van ness. please be aw
are closed and two-hour delays in fauquier, frederick, and shenandoah counties. buses will use snow emergency routes in shenandoah. loudoun county has a one-hour delay. frederick county schools in maryland are on a two-hour delay. and in west virginia, pendleton county schools are closed, and berkeley, hampshire, and jefferson county schools are on a two-hour delays. several schools in virginia county and maryland as well as in the district that still don't have power. we expect an announcement from most of those school systems within the hour about whether the schools will be able to open today. >> let's take a live look at 5:02. just 43 degrees out there. a cold start to the morning. the rain has moved out. and we'll look at what the forecast looks like now. meteorologist tom kierein joins us this morning. >>> good news for the cleanup to continue, although we have a few sprinkles showing up on our radar. we still have stream and tidal flooding, all the areas in green. watch out for high water. mainly, it's the main stem rivers that are running high. all these areas in dark blue in the cold
fields are under water in frederick. we have you covered in maryland, virginia, and the district. >> reporter: i'm tracee wilkins in prince george's county where there is serious damage. we're looking at trees down, wires down, thousands of people still without power and they're just beginning to survey the damage in the county. we'll have a report coming up. >>> as we go to break, these are some of the pictures e-mailed to us this afternoon more pics at isee@nbc . >>> an suv up in flame after live wires came crashing down on top of it. this happened on verona court in silver spring. the driver was not hurt. communities all across our area are cleaning up from sandy today. >> power crews were out assessing the dang. julie carey found one family today that needs major house repairs just a week after moving in. >> reporter: roads closed, power lines down, mostly inconveniences in the wake of the storm but this is the worst that sandy left behind. the tree on the house. and there were 53 instances in fairfax county alone. >> i've been in bed for only ten minutes when
park city schools are closed, and two-hour delays in culpeper, frederick, fauquier, and shenandoah county with buses using snow emergency routes. frederick county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> and then there's the power question. right now utility companies working to restore electricity to thousands of area customers. pepco says it hopes to have 90% of the outages caused by sandy restored by 10:00 this morning. pepco customers are without power. most of the outages are in virginia. dominion virginia power reporting more than 20,000 customers in our area in the dark. it hopes to have power restored to all of its customers by tomorrow night. novec has 3,200 customers with no electricity. and bge has to restore power to more than 24,000 homes and businesses in our area, most of them in anne arundel county. >> let's get a check of the forecast. meteorologist tom kierein joins us, saying there is rain in the area right now. >>> the good news, for all those working out to get us back to a sense of normalcy, to restore power and the cleanup. storm team 4 radar showing a few snow sh
their inflatable raft overturned. kristin fisher is in frederick, maryland to show how things are looking there. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: yeah, it was really ugly yesterday, but it is getting better now. what we're talking about, this is the monocacy river. it is the river that runs underneath i-70 up through the national battlefield. and then up to here where i am now, the pine cliff park. as you can see, it's completely flooded out. this is the main drag into the park and pashing lot, all the picnic tables, camps spots, they're all back there. no way you can get anywhere close to them. here i am just a little bit into the flooding. it's maybe about a foot deep. but right here that's a full size street sign almost completely under water. there's a stop sign way back there and you can only see the very tip of it. it gets very deep very fast which is just one reason why this is still so dangerous. it is coming down. let me show you how much. this is about i'd say maybe 20 feet. it's been coming down throughout the morning. but at its peak when we first got here, it was about 22 feet r
on aings all this week frederick police are investigating a murder. a man suffering from multiple .unshot wounds was found to the hospital, where he later died. have invested -- i invite ellis.36-year-old lamont no suspect has been identified. a man accused of murdering a man is scheduled to .ppear in court taglianetti at a man in in upstate new york. there are reports his estranged was seeing him. we talked to him yesterday, -- yesterday and she did not she believessaid murderband is guilty of glad he is in jail. tragic milestone this u.s. serviceman was killed in aeople firefight with afghan army allies. 2000th american in the 11-year-old war. >> tomorrow could be a rough for drivers in d.c.. is because members of city plant to shut k street in the morning. they mark the one-year .nniversary of the movement they stayed in mcpherson square for nearly five until the enforced a ban on overnight camping. >> it has been a cloudy night with a few showers. when willout there -- the rain go away? stick around. we will be in the belfort furniture weather center with a first check. the first show
super doppler seven. rain especially in frederick county south through frederick and down into leesburg. we have the right all along the capital beltway. a widely separated showers. . everywhere is damp. it is a pretty good light rain we have had. we have not had too much rain to show for it, up to 0.25 inches in spot. this is accompanied by some areas of drizzle and spotty light showers. 52 at reagan national after a high of 56. with the clouds and rain, we have had a four degree temperatures spread all day long. lusby, .25 king george, .24 inch. la plata, .1 inch. down to 47 degrees. this will be the coldest night we have experienced thus far in fall. we have some areas of low pressure along that boundary stirring up the atmosphere giving us that rain early today. speaking of energy, we have another batch of upper level energy in the atmosphere over oklahoma and parts of texas. you can see some light rain developing and that will track our way into washington and make its way here tomorrow to give us another cloudy day and areas of light rain. not as widespread, necessarily but there
at dulles, 37 in frederick, 39 in gaithersburg. maybe some limited sunshine this little patchy fog. mostly cloudy. some showers in the afternoon. i think it will get warmer later this week. foster.ngela >> not a lot happening. nice.y we expect you to have the run of road especially through the next few minutes. in springfield, we are moving quite well. no delays and very light .raffic we are looking at very nice beltway.n the not seeing anything. here's a live look at the american legion bridge. inner loop and outer loop g well through for the and maryland monday. our back to you. >> thank you. 4:32. the search resumes this morning fairfax teenager was missing for about a week. will gather at the park in search of any close in e disappearance of 17-year-old .ryan glenn he vanished after dropping his brother off at school. on surveillance video at dunkin' donuts on fairfax circle. his car was found nearby at the park. his family says that there's no activity on his cellphone, his social media, or his bank account. a funeral service this marymountr the university professor struck and killed
baltimore, 5 frederick, take it easy as you step out and about. the clouds on the increase and so will the rain chances. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> we are dealing with patchy fog. a good morning to turn on the low beams, slow down and be careful. a crash in harford county, on route 7, hidden stream drive. if you are traveling on 95 now, no tee lays from bel air to -- delays from bel air. 695, harford road, everything up to speed, looking at the typical 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95, towards 83. here is what the west side looks like, liberty, old court road. traffic is starting to pick up, no significant delays, 12 minutes on the outer op b 795, towards 95, if you are using the jfx, looking at the typical 11 minute ride. traveling southbound from 695, all the way downtown to east fayette street. >>> electric bone chilling o- maizing, three ways to describe the crowd. a 2 and a half hour rain delay didn't put a damper on things. down at the yard this morning, with the recap of the game, charlie , the o's and fans, didn't have much time to d
downtown. 63 in lease burg. i'm a -- leesburg. 66 in frederick county. i don't think gathersburg is colder than frederick county. i think some high clouds will come in after midnight. high clouds after midnight that are now located in ohio. high clouds by dawn. those 45 and 55. when we come back, more september temperatures and we will track tropical storm sandy. she could influence our weekend weather? >>> dc mayor vince gray, presented leo johnson with the first ever mayor's medal of honor. johnson who was a building manager took out a gunman. that suspect floyd is now behind bars facing a slew of charges? >>> still to come on 9 news, a jogger, now, police are on the hunt to find the thug responsible. >>> right after the break, new information on cervical cancer testing women need to know about. stay with us ? >>> a few minutes ago, this trailer of a semi truck burst into flames right behind the cvs. that truck was fully loaded with items for that cvs. it took firefighter as while to put it out. it doesn't look like anything on the truck was hazard does. if you are waiting for someone wh
'clock hour... bullies caught in action in frederick. frederick.the high school student who came under attack... in the miidle of a taped interview.
. in the 30's everywhere else. 39 at dulles and manassas, 37 in frederick, 43 degrees in culpeper. we will warm up quickly as the air is still pretty dry. 51 degrees at 9:00, 62 at noon, partly cloudy. pleasant conditions at 5:00 with 69 degrees. highs around 70 degrees. more details on the rainfall in a few minutes. first, a check on traffic and weather angela >> . good morning. moving quite well. just a minor trouble spot in maryland. we have a live view of 270 at 109. it appears the incident is prior to 109, on the right shoulder. just a brief delay. northbound 109 270 a work zone is still active and the right lane is blocked approaching blocked80. tramps -- approaching maryland 80, the right lane is blocked. no troubles on 66. eastbound lanes are open to gainesville and centreville and falls church, no delays. back to you. >> thank you. 4:43 is the time, 47 degrees. >> we are hearing from an outraged mother who says that her s i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas stati about once a month. last time i ats at a gas station was about...i would say... t
of the latest information i was able to compile up in frederick, looks like about 21.8 or so, 21.9 is where it crested. that happened just a little while ago. kristin has the high water up there but it's starting to slowly come down. looks like by this evening potentially that will be below flood stage. on the potomac at point of rocks, looks like it's going to be this evening now when we have crest. it's a little lower than what we were thinking yesterday but still about 5.1 feet about flood stage. that should be some minor flooding. that's better than moderate to major flooding. some moderate flooding on the wisconsin avenue gauge at the owe poe -- potomac. that will crest on thursday and make its way down toward georgetown. looks like the crest will be about two and a half feet or so above flood stage. that's moderate flooding there. some of the areas along the toe path may see some water. as far as the bus stop forecast, a lot of schools are back today. it's chilly this morning, cloudy. there's a stray shower or two out there upper 30s to low 40s. sunrise not until about 7:35. it will b
clouds this morning with mild temperatures, national, 53 at dulles, 46 in frederick, 54 in winchester. have a south wind today with mid-level and high level clouds. sunny today with a high temperature of 75-80 degrees. interesting things by the weekend. we will detailed added a few minutes. first, traffic would jamee whitten. >> it is quiet. not much to tell you about. this is when we watch construction wrapping up. have in tysons on the beltway. 66, no problems. 395, there's some road work. travel lanes are open in arlington. here we are near glebe road. the maryland beltway, they have busy overnight, over the branch, between new ,ampshire avenue and university been picked up you are good to go. no delays affecting many places maryland, virginia, or the district. , a gorgeous start. back to you. >> thank you. it is a sad ending to the search missing a 12-year-old girl in new jersey. a body was found late last night in a recycling container. has been identified as augustau -- as autumn. an autopsy will be conducted this morning. >> after a night of aggressive performances during the t
construction. are in the process of picking up the traffic cones. 270 out of on frederick the beltway. near newanes are hampshire ave. now to jacqui jeras. a mild start this morning. temperatures in the mid 60's. we will not move up much as it will not be very overcast. 66 degrees in manassas and 69 degrees in fredericksburg. 64 in frederick. the satellite and radar picture shows clouds have arrived already, but the rain is holding . to our off chance of rain increases throughout the morning. have rumbles of thunder this afternoon. the rain predicted to be about an inch. cloudy with showers and a few thunderstorms expected today, 69-73. tomorrow looks better, 65 with sunny skies. thursday.dnesday and we just wanted to shake up the weather and traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 4:55. for the first time in history a barrierbroken the sound without an aircraft. felix baumgartner from 24 miles the surface of the earth. the entire event was broadcast live on the discovery channel each reporting viewers.of half of the pending topics in on twitter dealt with that jumped from the edge of space. >>
shape especially in the catonsville area, as we look at frederick road. an accident moved to the shoulder of the outer loop, it's causing a big mess out there, you are looking at a 16 minute ride now to travel from 795, down towards 95. the beltway, no problems from parkville, up towards towson, for those of you using 95, a live look in white marsh, 43, nothing to get in your way downtown in to the city. that's a look at your time saver traffic, over to you. >>> police hope to make progress in the search for suspects in the death of an nih researcher. they are asking for you to help out, and linda so is live at pd headquarters. what is this new information police are releasing? >> police put out a surveillance photo shows men running from the scene of the crime. they are hoping to make an arrest soon. it was taken by a camera on the night of september 17th, the night peter was killed. two me are seep running away, one is holding something under his left arm. he was shot and killed after coming home from practice, he had gotten out of his car on chesterfield avenue in north
about the showers, we have a shower now in frederick county around emmettsburg and we can go ahead and zoom in on that area and you can see where it is. this is sliding up to the north but this is the only thing we're seeing as of now. maybe just little bit of misting out there but all in all we are going to taper things down throughout the day in terms of the wet weather. in terms of temperatures right now we are warm once again. baltimore at 70 and aberdeen at 69-degrees this morning. and this is what we looked like through the hour by hour. we can see you're waking up to some patchy fog this morning it is going to be a mild day. and then we will warm things up by lunchtime coming in at 80 degrees and also we'll get some sunshine in here before it's all said and done. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>> good morning. as you mentioned we have a little bit of patchy fog and you want to expect reduced visibility out on the roads. turn on the low beams. if you are using the jfx to get into the city there are no delays right now from
in downtown frederick has residents and patrons on alert. hit by aog was first and patrons on alert. hit by aog was first car and then david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in marylan it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion lldollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven kee maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think will be a... better schools for us. good thing for the state of maryland. problems to 94 american airlines. -- >> war problems for american airlines. unbolted incoming flight. >> this happened three times now. >> this is an almost unheard of problem, but american has been in the process of refreshing and the inside of threeplanes and these y hadanes have recentl their seats worked on. american is being very clear problems are not tied to any one group of workers,
at reagan national airport; 45, frederick and modegrees. and we have plenty of sunshine today and tonight, skies are gradually going out. and that is going to be very instrumental in keeping our size clear into the course of tonight and for tomorrow and this is a ridge of high pressure. other than the winds picking up tomorrow, we're looking at a pretty nice day. and tonight into tomorrow, keep your eyes to the skies interest their is a meteor shower. it's going to be produced by haley's comet and the peak time is from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. and that can be seen anywhere in the sky. the brightest hour is at 3 a.m. if you want to stay up that late and go outside, you're going to see it. and also, this is the time when jupiter and vines will be clear to see -- venus will be clear as well. a ridge of high pressure building in and breeze into tomorrow. plenty of sunshine and heading to the upper 60s tomorrow and that is going to be a nice day. some peak and past to the north of us. for our area, we're near pack and that is patchy to the south of us and 48 degrees tonight, and light northweste
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